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Tel. 04-6717611
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doctor girl englishMARLAM TIBERIAS LTD was established on January 1988 in Tiberias. The medical center provides medical services all over Israel and house calls services in Tiberias and its surroundings.

The clinic is privately owned.

MARLAM has been operating for 22 years and provides night medical services and house calls visits for the region residents, all HMO beneficiaries with a low self deductible according to the MARLAM TIBERIAS LTD agreements with the HMO.

The clinic clients include thousands of private customers, foreign workers, tourists from all over the world, travel agencies, MARLAM TIBERIAS LTD subscribes, beneficiaries of most of the insurance companies like Femi and Harel, emergency buttons service companies (Moked Enosh), kibutzes, youth hostels, hostels, hotels and their guests and casual clients.

MARLAM TIBERIAS LTD has signed agreements with the northern HMO branches – Clalit, Meuchedet, Leumit and an agreement with Macabi which gives the client a payment refund.

The clinic operates as a front emergency room for all HMO beneficiaries and provides medical solutions and solves the need of rushing to the hospital, since there is a high hospital tax to be paid when there is no referral.
The clinic is spacious, comfortable and equipped with the best medical instrumentation. The clinic is located in the town center Hayarden 23 St in "SENTRO" building, with parking space and an access road for handicaps.

MARLAM TIBERIAS employs family doctors who are skilled to take care of both adults and children.

The medical and Para medical stuff is insured with a professional liability, a travel liability and a third side liability policies.

Our address -DAVID DANILOF St.1 Tiberias Next to Alice - the new Elite bakery
In Waze search for MARLAM MEDICAL CENTER .
Tel – 04-6717611


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Home Visit Services

No Home visit services in Tiberias. patients who needs to see a doctor came to MARLAM clinic.


For Tourists -  all over the country 24 hours a day.


Clinic Opening Hours

Sun.Mon, Tues,Thu: 19 :00 - 24:00

wednesday : 16:00-24:00
Fridays and Holiday Eves: 14:00 - 24:00
Saturdays and Holidays: 10:00 - 24:00
Intermediate days (Hol Hamoed):
14:00 - 24:00.

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map 1 david danilof St., Tiberias Next to Alice - the new Elite bakery

P.O.Box 2404 Tiberias.1412401