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General medical services for tourists in Israel

matosMany of the tourists who come to Israel need some kind of medial service and sometimes an emergency medical service and at times a house call service.
Either you are a tourist with a private insurance or a travel agency which supply an insurance, you may get your medical services through MARLAM TIBERIAS MEDICAL SERVICES IN ISRAEL all over Israel.

MARLAM TIBERIAS ISRAEL tourist medical services include:

24 hours a day house call service – The medical clinic service provides house calls doctors service all over Israel .Our standby house call service will give you the appropriate treatment that you need.
The doctor is equipped with an ECG, Glucometer( for checking blood sugar) Multistick (for urine check up) and more.

Medical clinic services – Either you have a virus, fever, nausea, diarrhea, or a wound or a hit, you will get a full treatment from our specialist, professional ,with more than 15 years of experienced family doctors.
Medical clinic services will include various examinations and treatments which include – physical check up, diagnose, I.V fluids, inhalation, injections, stitches, adhesion and more.

Dentistry – Tooth pain may be very unpleasant, all tourists may get a dental treatment according to their insurance policy.

Ambulance service - MARLAM TIBERIAS ISRAEL will take care of all the arrangements both financial and bureaucratic,
ordering the ambulance and transferring the patient to the close by hospital or to the air port.

Administrative handling against the hospital - MARLAM TIBERIAS ISRAEL has arrangements with all the hospitals in Israel,
which include all kind of treatments and handling all financial and bureaucratic arrangements.

Tourists flying back home - MARLAM TIBERIAS ISRAEL will take care for medical escort and all the related needs.

Bodies transfer - MARLAM TIBERIAS ISRAEL will take care of all arrangements regarding flying bodies back to their country.

Warranty -MARLAM TIBERIAS ISRAEL and its doctors are insured with a professional warranty policy, transfer warranty, employer warranty and third side warranty.
Insurance companies and travel agencies are welcome to call us at all times 24/7 – 04-6717611.

WE ARE AT YOUR SERVICE – 972-4-6717611

Home Visit Services

No Home visit services in Tiberias. patients who needs to see a doctor came to MARLAM clinic.


For Tourists -  all over the country 24 hours a day.


Clinic Opening Hours

ראשון, שני, שלישי, ה': 19:00 - 24:00

ימי רביעי: 19:00-23:00
ימי שישי ערב חג: 14:00 - 233 4:00
ימי ביניים (חול המועד):
14:00 - 23:00.

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